Social Care Landscape

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Introducing Landscape. A powerful new tool from Affinity Works that enables Local Authorities to evaluate past performance – benchmark nationally against peers across a range of criteria, assess current capacity and accurately predict future requirements for social care.

By combining and cross-referencing the latest national open-source data with information from your own systems on a single, easy to use platform, Landscape creates a unique 360 degree view of your social care provision.  

Virtually infinite permutations of different data combinations in Landscape allow you to create, view and display clear insights from multiple perspectives, and provide relevant, up-to-date business intelligence to all stakeholders.

Local Authorities are not short of data; but gaining an overall picture, identifying areas for improvement or predicting future demand is challenging when different sets of complex data sit in separate silos.

Landscape addresses these issues and more in a single data model, bringing together and linking information from Population & Prevalence, Delayed Transfers of Care and Quality & Capacity with Local Authorities’ own transactional data on Spend & Activity, to yield rich insights and inform the future Demand Model.

Landscape also provides a short-cut for harvesting key data to generate content for Public Plug-Ins, such as a Local Authorities’ Market Position Statement (MPS) or response to Freedom of Information requests.

  • Supports evidence-based decision making
  • Improves market management
  • Enables accurate demand modelling
  • Generates dynamic MPS content
  • Offers Self-service FOI responses
  • Provides Single Point of Truth