Re-imagining Market Position Statements

2 mins read

Affinity Works and its partners in the Tees Valley sub- Region have started work on ‘Discovery’ project aimed at re-imagining the how Local Authorities can build a more effective Market Position Statement (MPS) to support their market development activities.

Currently production of an MPS is highly labour intensive and once information is collated, commentary & analysis added and the material made public it is already becoming out of date. 

The Tees Valley authorities, including Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Darlington and Redcar & Cleveland, are collaborating with Affinity Works to design an online MPS which draws its information from their shared data hub, rendering insights into all aspects of the local market for their potential Providers.

The new MPS will be interactive, allowing users to explore the information on offer and will remain up to date as it feeds off the continually refreshed Data Hub. 

The objective is a far better product for the LAs and for Providers for significantly less ongoing investment of staff time.

Watch out for more information as the project develops – if all goes well there should be a pilot live in July 2020.

Activity plug-in that was built from the design sketch above