MarketPlace implementation and support

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Affinity Works offer a range of specialist support services for Oxford Computer Consultants MarketPlace product.

Marketplace is one of the UK’s most widely adopted service directory packages, used by Local Authorities to present members of the public with an easy to explore online catalogue of services in their area.

As with all such products the success of a marketplace site is heavily dependent of the quality of the site – its clarity of design, ease of exploration and perhaps most critically how current and comprehensive its content is.


OCC have built an extensive set of configuration options into MarketPlace and Affinity Works service delivery staff can provide an end to end support for a new MarketPlace client that ensures they make best use of the tools available.

We work alongside the Local Authority team injecting extensive experience of running implementation projects for other sites and a deep expertise in the product – maximising the chances of a successful (and on schedule) journey from project inception to public go live.

Along the way we can share the experience, thinking and the configuration choices made by equivalent sites and crucially we can flag up at project start up the common areas of risk that most regularly derail similar projects – and of course provide guidance on how to mitigate those risks.

Very often there are one or more legacy information directories and other in house data stores that need to be exploited in the new directory. Our in technical team have lots experience working with OCC tools, and the key staff at OCC, so they can work with sites to achieve the necessary data acquisition and transformation.


Once your directory is live and your project team disbands the real hard work with the directory starts. Staff and service providers will want ongoing guidance in best use of the system and as new business needs emerge and as exciting new functionality arrives from OCC the original configuration of the site will need to evolve.

Quality management

However good the service directory software solution and however well thought through the configuration and visual design the site it will quickly start to fail if its content is allowed to decay.

Maintaining data quality can prove to be quite a significant overhead to maintain and is not the best use of Local Authority time.

MarketPlace offers a powerful set of workflow tools that, if properly configured, will help sites identify content that is in need of review, but monitoring those workflows and active communication with service providers is a key part of maintaining quality of the site.

Our quality management service takes that overhead away, automating much of the provider communication and following up with one to one calls where necessary, keeping the sites content bang up to date and ensuring records meet minimum quality standards mandated by the Local Authority team.

Service Delivery & Support team

Our team are experienced in the configuration, implementation and ongoing management of service directories specifically OCC MarketPlace deployed across a number of English Local Authorities in order to meet their Care Act responsibilities.

Working as an implementation and support partner with OCC we are able to provide Local Authorities with best practice approaches to category and service data structures and advise and support with ongoing developments that will help the council provide its local teams and wider community groups and the general public with access to up to date and accurate information so as to achieve the oft stated requirement of the directory and the council being a ‘trusted’ resource.

Our support service then provides users (service providers and LA administrators and brokerage team) with ongoing system support, training, configuration and testing of new system functionality. This ensures that the Local Authority experts are left to do their job whilst we maintain the underlying system and manage day to day use queries.

The Affinity Works service includes;

  • Online 24 hours helpdesk support system
  • Online and telephone support for service providers, end users and system administrators
  • Regular customer review meetings
  • Quality management service tailored to meet local needs