Market Position Statement & Public-Plugins

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Affinity Works Public-Plugins release the power of the Landscape data warehouse for public facing consumption.

Simplified versions of the tools built for staff use in the main Landscape product can now also be deployed as a components in public facing web pages, introducing interactive data elements that allow users to explore your data for relevant insights.

Drawing on discovery work carried out alongside our colleagues in a number of Local Authorities the first wave of Public-Plugins are now live – focussed in the first instance on enabling the construction of an interactive and automatically updating Market Position Statement (MPS)

The Care Act placed an obligation on all Local Authorities to shape and sustain the market for care in their area, ensuring that the right provision was available to meet the particular needs of their care consumers.

Market Position Statements have emerged as a key mechanism in LA’s efforts to fulfil that remit – attempting to summarise for their current and potential care service providers the projected changes in care need, and the current state of provision in the local market place. A well designed MPS offers providers the critical data they need to construct their own business plans.

However to date the process of constructing an MPS has proved an expensive and frustrating process for most LAs.

  • They are very time consuming to produce
  • They date quickly and aren’t refreshed very often
  • They don’t engage providers (they are too long and lack of clarity)
  • There is no evidence of them being used by the market
  • They have the potential to present a negative first impression of an LA which then makes it hard to attract new providers to the market
  • They make it particularly difficult for providers to get a feel for the sub-regional market as each MPS contains different content and KPIs are calculated differently

The Affinity Works Public-plugins transform the existing model for MPS construction, allowing LAs to offer their service providers a comprehensive, explorable and always up to date analysis of the state of the local care market.

The MPS Public Plugin set draw data from local line of business systems and from an array of national resources that include the CQC, Poppi / Pansi, NHS Digital and the Office of National Statistics.

Affinity Works MPS Public-plugin set currently provides analysis tools for;

Population and prevalence

Current market provision

Social Care activity

Local Authority spend

Service Users