Making Data Work – Affinity Works enables Epilepsy Action to Map Services

2 mins read

Leading charity Epilepsy Action strives to improve access to services in the under-represented epilepsy and neurology spheres which generally don’t get prioritised for funding by government.

Key to determining where services could be accessed and where the gaps were, involved pulling together some easily accessible stats for key influencer groups through a Freedom of Information request.

However pooling data to gain a clearer picture of hospital admissions and mortality rates and overlaying different data sets from various sources across the UK was proving difficult so when the project was delayed, Affinity Works was called in.

Expert at bringing a great deal of complex data together, Affinity Works was able to cross reference and extract some easy to assimilate data that Epilepsy Action could provide to health professionals, epilepsy sufferers and commissioning bodies to illustrate what was available, where it was available and what extra resources were needed.

By mapping services and making them easily searchable for users by creating its own ‘Near Me’ information facility, EA was able to present the choice of health services and the specialist centres all of which are vital for the management of  the condition, leading to fewer emergency admissions and ultimately improving outcomes for epilepsy patients.

At a strategic level the project would help move neurology higher up the NHS agenda at clinical commissioning group level and allow hospitals to compare data sets regionally and nationally to target future investment and services.

A spokesperson from Epilepsy Action said that Affinity Works provided the best options and been incredibly helpful in guiding them as to what was needed; very efficient in pulling data together and creating informative outputs and that EA would definitely work with them again.

Explore all of the results of the project on the Epilepsy Action website