Data analytics project delivery

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Affinity Works have a proven track record of delivering high-value business intelligence and analytics projects to both public and 3rd sector clients.

Project Design

Our approach embraces active engagement with users and stakeholders throughout the entire project, ensuring real needs are defined and met. We use agile processes in a wider context of sound project management to ensure that outcomes are continually optimised as the project progresses.

We like to get involved in a project as early as possible (ideally Discovery or Alpha phase) so that we can advise clients about what can be achieved with any data that may be available. We can often quickly bridge the gap between raw data and desired outcomes with sketches/wireframes or examples of similar outputs.

Data Extract Transformation and Load (ETL)

Our projects require us to receive data from a wide range of different sources. From open data repositories like NOMIS (where we have a dedicated extract utility), StatXplore or NHS Digital to private APIs, or scheduled file transfers. Where data needs to be collected (e.g. contract monitoring returns), we can build and publish sophisticated forms with scheduled notifications, automated receipts, multi-session editable submissions etc. Wherever possible, data runs are deployed as fully automated pipelines to ensure that data flows are robust, efficient and timely.

Business Intelligence

We produce visually engaging reports/dashboards that entice the end user to explore the information that is being presented. We pride ourselves on being able to tell a story with data, visualising it in a way that maximises the insights that can be drawn from the information. These insights tend to vary depending on the needs of each user and it is not uncommon for us to render several views of the same data for different stakeholders.

BI technology moves extremely rapidly and we ensure we keep up with all the latest innovations and user experience patterns so that we can apply them to projects that would benefit from them. This process results in high-value BI outputs that enable you to securely distribute key insights throughout your organisation.

Example report from our public plugins product
A custom visual built to analyse data across London boroughs
Extract from our Demand Model tool