Event: COVID & Social Care: Emerging from the crisis & planning the future

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Affinity Works are taking part in the UK Authority ‘Digital Health and Social Care’ conference running 24th to 26th June. It’s a free online event that should provide lots of food for thought about responding to COVID-19 and beyond.

The overall theme of the event is How are LAs harnessing data and digital technology to improve people’s lives – both in terms of response to COVID-19 and looking forward to future change.

Alongside our colleagues from Birmingham City Council, we are going to talking about how our Social Care: Landscape analytics platform can help LA’s understand the impact the crisis has had and can support their planning for the future.

As we are all aware COVID-19 has drastically reshaped social care in just a few months. The long-term impact of this can’t be known at this point but to effectively manage whatever the “new normal” turns out to be, it is critical that local authorities make decisions from a sound evidence base.

Birmingham City Council have been working with Affinity Works and will jointly demonstrate how the business intelligence tools in our Social Care: Landscape product can deliver a detailed picture of changes in demand as a result of COVID, provide critical insights into likely future demand & supply, evaluate the risks – and even identify opportunities – that are emerging as the immediate crisis eases.

The event is free to join and you and any of your colleagues who might be interested can register here:

Digital Health & Social Care Online Event: Wednesday 24th June: 11:00 – 12.30pm


If you are unable to attend the event but would like further information about our Social Care: Landscape analytics platform please do not hesitate to get in touch