Providing analytics support for The Prince’s Trust

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Affinity Works is delighted to be working alongside The Prince’s Trust to help the charity in one of its current projects to secure roles in the health and care sector for 10,000 young people.

The project, which is supported by the Department of Health and Social Care, requires that The Trust establish a comprehensive understanding of the demographics of young people who are unemployed across England to ensure the optimum targeting of available support to the right groups in the right areas.

Affinity Works will be supporting The Trust by building interactive analytics tools that allow exploration of national, regional and local unemployment data allowing analysis by geography, by ethnicity and various nationally defined indices of deprivation. The solution will acquire data from a variety of ‘open’ data sets and align that with The Trust’s own internal data to maximise the value of the resulting system.

The tool will allow The Prince’s Trust to focus their services more strategically, whilst informing the way in which they deliver their services to the clients, offering a more tailored approach. The tool brings together data that will enrich the experience of Prince’s Trust users and help The Prince’s Trust to develop the delivery of their services nationally, ensuring that those most in need get the best support available.

Richard Wellings said “It’s fantastic for Affinity Works to be working with The Prince’s Trust. They are organisation that continues to make a positive difference to so many young peoples lives we are delighted that our particular expertise is going to help them make a success of this project”